Skeleton directory (template for newly created accounts)

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This article explains how to create a default home page for a cPanel account
by Mihai BobriucViews 1118Updated now 1 yearPublished 06/09/2022


This tutorial explains the procedure to create a default home page that will be displayed when accessing a newly created account in the reseller's WHM in the browser


  • a WHM account

Steps to follow

  • to create a default page that will be inserted and displayed automatically when accessing all new accounts created under the reseller, you will need to access the cPanel of the main reseller account
  • after entering cPanel access "File Manager"

Manager de fisiere cPanel

  • in the next window it is accessed from the folder structure "cpanel3-skel" after which "public_html" inside it

Accesare cpanel3-skel

  • inside public_html a file named "index.html" is created

Creare fisier index.html

Denumirea fisier nou public_html

  • after creating the file, it is edited by right-clicking on it and "Edit"

Editare fisier buton edit

  • a confirmation window will appear in which the "Edit" button must be pressed

Fereastra de confirmare buton edit

  • a new window will open where you can enter a text message that will be displayed when accessing the domain or according to your preferences you can create a personalized page, after which you press the "Save Changes" button

Mesaj text pe cont nou creat

  • in this way, any new account created under reseller will automatically contain in its web directory this index.html with the predefined message.

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