How to set nameservers in the ROTLD panel

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This article will describe the steps required to set or update nameservers on a domain registered with ROTLD
by Ana RednicViews 1816Updated now 1 yearPublished 25/10/2018


  • The ROTLD administration panel provides the ability to set or update nameservers on a registered domain.


  • You will need the ROTLD login data.
  • Access to the ROTLD email box (where the confirmation link will be sent to validate the actions made in your account).
  • Nameservers associated with the hosting package. For example, for shared hosting :,,,


  • The ROTLD authentication interface will be accessed at:
  • We will complete the domain name and password, then click on the Continue button.

  • The main interface of the ROTLD administration panel will load.
  • In order to make the changes that you want, you will click on Nameservers.

  • In the next window we will add the nameservers that we want to set to the domain and click on the Update button. As an example I used the Hostico nameservers.

  • After pressing the button we will receive a message: "An email has been sent to your email address........................... containing the confirmation key. Use this key to confirm the "Nameserver attachment to Domain" being confirmed!"
  • ROTLD will send an email containing a link (confirmation key). Once you access this link, the changes made in your account will be confirmed.
  • We will open the email sent by ROTLD and click Confirm operation.

  •  After accessing the link you will receive a confirmation message: The update was successful . Please check the updated data!
  • From now on the new nameservers will be set on the domain. Their propagation can take up to 24 hours.

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