Adding an MX record to the cPanel admin panel, redirecting your mail server to Google

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How to add MX Records and forward mail to the Google mail server
by Mihai BobriucViews 1749Updated now 1 yearPublished 21/07/2017


  • In this tutorial we will explain the necessary steps to add an MX record and forward mails to the Google mail server.
  • O înregistrare MX este un tip de înregistrare a resurselor în sistemul de nume de domeniu care specifică un server de poștă electronică responsabil pentru acceptarea mesajelor de e-mail în numele domeniului destinatarului și o valoare de preferință folosită pentru a prioritiza livrarea poștei, disponibil. 


MX-urile google


  • To add an MX record in the dns zone editor, we will log in to the cPanel account, go to the Domains section and click on Zone editor.

Zone Editor cPanel


  •  A new page will open and here we will click on +MX Record.

MX Record Zone Editor

  • In this window we will start adding the MX records.

  • In the Priority field we add the priority and in the next field the mail server, all 5 mail servers will need to be added for Google.

Adaugare MX record domeniu

  • Completion of this operation will be done by clicking on Add an MX Record.
  • We will ensure that the record below has been deleted.

  • The only entries required for mail server redirection to work are the following:

Setarile redirectionarea serverului e-mail

  • In the example above, we used Google's MXs, but the procedure is the same, no matter which provider we want to forward the emails to. We will only need the IPs of the external email servers and their priority, after which we will set them in cPanel, in the same way as the Google ones, from the instructions above.
    As an additional example, if you have purchased the Services Spam Experts , The MXs you will set in the DNS fields in the Zone Editor will be the ones below:

spam experts email

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