New elements developed by Hostico for the account interface

The end of the year comes to Hostico with new features introduced in the customer accountHosticoblogPublished 20/12/2022 by Mark Dohi
Invoice Splitting & Bulk Renewal

2022 has been a productive year for Hostico, as we have focused our efforts on significantly developing the customer account to provide a more efficient user experience. In addition to the customer account, we launched a new KVM VPS hosting service in October, which has been a great success beyond our initial expectations.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and for choosing to be with us for another year. We want to be a trusted partner and help you achieve your goals by offering solutions tailored to your needs.
In the following, we invite you to review the new updates implemented within Hostico:

Separating services

There will be situations where multiple services are included on a single proforma invoice due to identical due dates or the fact that they were simultaneously purchased in the past. Until now, separating elements was only possible through a request submitted to the Hostico support team, but now this process is also available in the customer interface.

Splitting Invoice

The procedure is useful when a single invoice includes multiple products or services that need to be paid by different companies or individuals and it is desired to break them down. When an invoice is divided, the billing data of the generated proforma invoices will be automatically set to those of the customer account, with the same amounts as in the original invoice.

For more information about separating services and the division procedure, see the articles: "What does separating services from an invoice mean?" and "Separating services from an invoice".

Bulk Renew

Domain management has never been easier with the new bulk renewal function. All domains in the account can be renewed with the simple press of a button, and for situations where we need to choose which domains we renew simultaneously, we have provided selective bulk renewal.

Bulk Renew

When domains are renewed in bulk, a single proforma invoice will be issued in the customer account, containing each domain taxed at the amount corresponding to the extension for the established billing period.
If a domain uses the implicit billing data of a subcontact, the domain renewal invoice will be automatically issued to that subcontact, while the rest of the domains serving other data will have separate proforma invoices generated.

For additional details, we recommend consulting the pages: "What does bulk renewing domains mean?" and "Bulk renewing domains".

Domain Updates

We would like to inform you that the following domain prices have been modified:

Current Price
New Price
24.99 €
34.99 €
13.99 €
16.99 €
7.99 €
9.99 €
23.99 €
26.99 €
35.99 €
39.99 €
22.99 €
26.99 €
149.99 €
270.99 €
18.99 €
22.99 €
12.99 €
23.99 €
23.99 €
28.99 €
37.99 €
43.99 €
69.99 €
16.99 €
78.99 €
21.99 €
54.99 €
14.99 €

*Prices in the table do not include 19% VAT

The changes are in response to price adjustments made by the domain provider we work with, and they are applied to all possible procedures within a domain name (registration/renewal/transfer).

Affiliate Updates

The affiliate system has always been a way for customers to earn income by promoting Hostico services through their own websites or through other marketing channels.
Due to the rapid increase in the number of participants and the amount withdrawn per user, we have decided to increase the nominal single withdrawal value from 500 EUR/service contract to 1000 EUR.
This will lead to a smoother withdrawal process by reducing the number of requests made in a year.

The Hostico team wishes you Happy Holidays and a 2023 as prosperous as possible!


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